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So I’ve had the decorating bug this past month and decided that my bedrooms needed some new flair. ¬†One was basically my closet and my cousins came to stay with me so I had to put down the bed. So I figured I might as well make it look presentable and rearranged some things and am so happy with how it turned out. I don’t know about you but the fall is our CRAZY busy season and I just feel way better to have a clean working space….which happens to be my whole house. Best cleaning tip: VACCUM…it does wonders!

Check out what my other fellow photogs have been up to:

MY ROOM: Really all I did was get a couple of new flirty pillows (the two with the beading) to soften the gender neutral feel I have going. I made custom canvases from our vows so we can be reminded of our promises we’ve made to one another when we lay down at night thinking of all the ways we want to strangle the other one… haha just kidding love you hunnie. (sorry for the crooked canvases, totally overlooked that:)


CLOSET Turned into GLITZY room: I weeded out our clothes and changed the hangers from the yucky plastic to the nice small felt so that more clothes could fit on one rack and bought some new fun pillows, animal wall decal and that amazing gold mirror. Oh and won the white side table in an auction at my best friend’s benefit last month! WALLA.



Still kept my accessories in this room like my boot shelving and my earring racks wall cubby.


Belts, belts and more belts


Pillows are my new favorite accessory to buy! You can change the whole room up by getting new throw pillows!


Sorry for the bad reflection but I’m still contemplating on what image to frame.



AMY’s ROOM: Kind of shabby chic. My favorite thing in this room is the “DREAM” light up sign I found at Home Goods. SO AWESOME!


This is where Amy stayed when we first moved in so it will always have touches of her in here (ex: canvas of her and Sadie). I bought a curtain rod and had Keith hand it for me so I could store all our hats. Oh yes I have a HAT problem.


So crazy I found this pillow at Home Goods (basically where I found all my throw pillows) because this is my sister and I’s motto!


Yes, I still need to find a picture for the large frame as well. It’s sometimes hard for a photographer to choose just one image to frame. It says a lot about who you are as to what type of picture means the most to you. The one of Amy and I is from after her brain surgery during recovery. It’s my favorite! You can’t see it very well but there is one in the dish of us when we were little with little ringlets sittin bare bums watching tv laughing histerically at something…probly ourselves. haha