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This is no ordinary proposal story because this is my SISTER’S story. It’s so hard to only post 10 images but I’m going to do my best at summarizing up the day.

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It all started last February when Ken called me about setting up a fake photoshoot for him and Amy to have a coffee date….and after the initial reaction from Amy (stalker) she found him sweet. Fast forward over a year later and on the 5th of July we did the same thing….set up a fake photoshoot.
Once we got to the “First Date” spot at Mozarts our childhood friend Kayla was there to surprise her and made her watch a video on her ipad. I said something to Amy like “Happy Early Birthday” just to throw her off for a minute but as soon as she saw the first video she knew how this day was going to end. The video she watched was one of the first clues that led her on a scavenger hunt around town. Many of our friends and family members sent in cute videos which inevitably gave a clue to the next location.
The first clue led us to BELLA Salon where our hair guru Tiffany Vogelpohl gave the next clue. Meanwhile in the car I am trying to video Amy and ask her questions about where she thinks we might go or who else might be involved…she couldn’t stop smiling. I prepared a couple outfits just in case she got dressed in our normal photoshoot attire “Workout Clothes”. Haha, our clients know how we roll…I mean it’s Texas…and it’s always hot! Anywho, I wanted to make sure she looked top notch so once she changed off we went to the next clue.
Magnolia Cafe:
I loved that all of these locations meant something special to her and Ken and here is where my parent’s popped up! It wouldn’t have been the same without them and Amy was over the moon with their arrival. This place was packed so we headed out back to watch for the last clue. This one was a tear jerker. Our best friend Stephanie was on it and gave her a sweet message with her friend AmyC. It meant a WHOLE lot first of all because Stephanie was a HUGE advocate of Amy dating Ken and was there when it all started, but also she had a really bad stroke 4 months ago underwent a craniotomy and just got released from physical therapy last week to go home. She’s had to learn to move, speak and read all over again and when Amy heard her voice it was the icing on the cake. So now, off to find Ken.
After a detour to Starbucks (I played a trick on her and made her think that was the proposal spot) haha, I know I’m bad, but once we showed up to their field and she saw him I knew we did good :). With the help from many people that day my sister was the happiest girl.
and it wouldn’t have been complete without Sadie girl.
After all the lovey dovey talk he asked, she said yes, and she a got a ring…but not just any old ring….my MOM’s old wedding ring which has rubies (our birthstone) and diamonds (mom’s birth stone). Ahhhh, her face was priceless when she saw it but I’ll leave some photos to their eyes only…FOR NOW:)
  • July 10, 2014 - 11:25 am

    Courtney Z - Yay!! I was hoping you were saving this for 10 on 10 :)

    Congrats Amy!! Marriage rocks.

One of my most requested spots in Austin is South Congress because there are TONS of places that can be great for photos. We tend to shoot at some of the same little nooks and crannies and I try to find new places all the time but sometimes the best ones are the ones you’ve used the most. This session was mixed with some new and some old and this little girl was so much fun to follow around.